Who are we?

CodaBene is a FoodTech and impact-driven company. We help retailers digitize their data in order to reduce food waste and promote more inclusive and sustainable consumption models.

Our observation

Which products are about to expire? How many? When? To find out, supermarket teams visually check the dates of products, in every department, every day. Many products escape this tedious check: they are thrown away while they could be sold at a lower price or given to charities, thanks to the digital tracking provided by Food Memo.

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Our Story 

The idea for CodaBene was born in 2014, when Laurent was a drinks department manager in a hypermarket.

A customer had accidentally consumed an out-of-date soda purchased in the store. At that time, the store teams had no tools to detect short-dated products on the shelves.

Some bottles had stood on top of the front display for a long time. The supermarket team thought nobody would ever take these bottles and had “forgotten” about them. That day, thirsty customers took them. Unfortunately, the bottles were out-of-date. To prevent such incidents, the expiry date information can be integrated into the barcodes (on which the stock management systems rely) or into a tool such as Food Memo.

Our purpose

Initiate a sustainable digital transition towards responsible consumption

Our values


Balance with high quality standards



The CodaBene team

You want to help us track down short-dated products and make a difference in the food industry?