Our 2-in-1 solution to detect short-dated products and optimize their end-of-life


Every day, the application provides your teams with the list of the references likely to expire. They know exactly which products to check and where to find them in the point of sale.


The application recommends the right action to save the detected products from the bin. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the teams know whether they should apply a discount to the product, donate it to a charity or put it in an anti-waste surprise basket.

FoodMemo is a plug & play app which can be implemented in any store in less than a week

1. Install the application

The application can be deployed on your PDA (old or new generation), on your Smartphone or on equipment that we can provide you with.

2. Check dates 

Every day, the application displays the shortlist and the position of the products likely to reach their respective expiry date and recommends the appropriate actions (discount, donation…).

3. Monitor your KPIs 

A personalized dashboard and regular reports allow you to monitor the work of your teams in detail.

Why choose FoodMemo?

Reduce in-store shrinkage

~€15,000 savings per store

Short-dated products are all detected and optimized

Enhance customer loyalty

0 expired product on the shelves

Your customers no longer find out-of-date products and benefit from reduced prices

Save time

3% of references to be checked

Your teams only check the references displayed and located by the app

Make your management more reliable

100% transparent

Your managers ensure that the work is carried out correctly via monitoring tools

They talk about it better than we do

It’s really the best tool we’ve had […] For us, it’s a revolution!

Nicolas, food manager, Monoprix

FoodMemo has allowed us to decrease from 5 bins to not even 2, knowing that fruit and vegetable fill up at least ½ to 1 of them.

Thierry, director, Monoprix

I feel much less stressed. I am no longer afraid of having expired products on the shelves.

Elena, department manager, Casino supermarkets